Top Half Folk Festivals


…took place at Mary River Park on 8-11 June 2018 and introduced some new features, specifically

  • a short concert on the Friday night featuring our special guests;
  • a special Round Robin concert on the Saturday;
  • “speed concerts” in a whiteboard style, on the afternoons of Saturday and Sunday with a limit of two numbers per bracket;
  • multiple short concurrent workshops; and
  • we paid for an expert sound man to come from Alice Springs to provide top quality folk music output.

After the event we asked for feedback from many who attended and the quotes below indicate that the Festival was one of the best ever held in the Top End.

“… I was knocked out by the event overall, and quality of the music”

“I would like to thank you for a lovely weekend at the Folk Festival, the setting was beautiful and the atmosphere very relaxing and homely”

“All in all a very enjoyable weekend”

“If there is a heaven I would hope it would resemble the Top Half Folk Festival this year. That just about sums it up for Sue and I”

“I thought the whole program was good, including the short Friday night concert and Saturday, Sunday afternoon concerts. I thoroughly enjoyed the weekend of music and song and especially that it is still uncrowded and friendly.”

“Probably one of the best Top End festivals I have been to. The sound was very good. The Friday concert was a great success – I think everyone at MRP must have been there – set the tone for the weekend”

“Overall an excellent, fun time – one of the best Top End Folk Festivals I can recall”

“Hope you are well and recovered from the weekend. I have to say that our experience at the 48th Top Half Folk Festival was absolutely fantastic. The people, the venue, the sound and performances were all of the highest order”

“The festival was really great, with a happy, relaxed feel in our enviable dry season tropical bush”

“The somewhat different structure of the festival to previous festivals worked very well. Compliments to all the organisers, volunteers, performers and supporters”

Alll very good news for the Club – though not everything was perfect and the Club will be looking at how to improve arrangements next time, guided by the feedback.



The 2019 Festival will be arranged by the Alice Springs Folk Club, so watch the THFF Facebook page or the Alice Springs Folk Club web site for further information.

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