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TEFC Special Guest

Campbell the Swaggie

House Concert July 14 2002


Campbell 'The Swaggie' Irving

Campbell the Swaggie Irving, unforgettable and fascinating. He's a bush poet extraordinaire, busker, author, writer, larrikin and swaggie all rolled into one, and to meet this remarkable human being is an experience that will be long remembered. There is no doubt that Campbell is one of Australia's best reciters, and it was a special treat to see him in concert, instead of busking at a market.

Review by ABC SA Country Hour: "It's a life filled with poetry, dust, flies and adventure - the modern day swaggie, true to historic views, comes complete with billy ready to boil, and a battered swag. 'Campbell the Swaggie' was the guest of honour at the Swagman Festival in Milparinka on the weekend. He is a performer but it's difficult to find anything forced in the way that he lives. He seems to walk straight out of the history books, and straight out the heart of Aussie culture. "I suppose it's more of a lifestyle keeping the spirit of 'Waltzing Matilda' alive and the character of the swagman. It has a lot to do with the cultural heritage of this country and being a part of that. Getting out onto the back roads - the old drover's stock routes - where the swagman once travelled. It's really good to get out - even amongst the flies. I'm a professional street performer, I've taken bush poetry out into the streets and I bring it alive."

Click here for transcripts and audio of Campbell on ABC Radio

Article by Bernd Wechner: Bush Poets Tells it from the Heart