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Seven Gables concert

TEFC at Government House

A 3rd National Folk Week Event
August 20th 2002

The Seven Gables story ...

Twenty five local musicians recorded a brilliant concert under the stars at Government House, Darwin as a 3rd National Folk Week event, capturing a fine collection of contemporary and traditional music as well as some uniquely Darwin sounds.

Performers included Chris Pemberton, a stalwart of the folk scene, delivering dry Aussie humour; with finger-picking; Peter Bate & Tony Suttor who have been playing together and with TEFC for over 30 years; a capella harmonies from Mixed 4 Tunes; traditional Irish tune-sets from Murphy & friends; Brenda Cubillo Williams presents music with a uniquely Thursday Island flavour; the Darwin Ceili Band provide some delightful traditional tunes & songs. One of the highlights of the concert was the inclusion of the Rondalla String Band - such a joyous noise, surely the music of angels...

One of the players from the Rondalla Band is Gabe Hazelbane, who first played for an NT Administrator at Government House in Darwin in the 1930's - and now again more than 60 years later. The TEFC wish to thank His Honour The Administrator, Mr John Anictomatis and Mrs Jeanette Anictomatis for permission to stage and record a 3rd National Folk Week concert at this historic venue.

Staging and recording Seven Gables
was a 3rd National Folk Week event.

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Thanks to:

Our Hosts
His Honour Mr John Anictomatis AO
Administrator of the Northern Territory
and Mrs Jeanette Anictomatis

Recorded & staged by:
Ken Hutton: Kakadu Studios - Darwin

Sponsored by:

'Seven Gables' Concert Program

Chris Pemberton

  • Vocals and Guitar

Peter Bate & Tony Suttor

  • Pete: Banjo and Mandolin
  • Tony: Accordians

Murfi argus a Cháirde

  • Sarena Wegener - Flute
  • Caroline McNair - Fiddle
  • Peter 'Mac' Marron - Banjo
  • Bill Grose - Mandolin
  • John Emsley - Do8ble Bass
  • Martin Goreing - Bodhrán and Lagerphone

Mixed Fortunes

  • Jenny Young - Soprano
  • Glynis Lee - Soprano
  • Di Sinclair - Contralto
  • Kay Robins - Contralto
  • Ben Boekema - Tenor
  • Glenn Bellis - Bass

Brenda Cubillo Williams

  • Brenda Williams: Guitar and vocals
  • Peter Bate: Mandolin and Banjo
  • Tony Suttor: Accordians

Darwin Ceili Band

  • Betty Risler - Guitar
  • Fritz Risler - Fiddle
  • Pat Somers - Whistles and Melodeon
  • Peter Bate - Mandolin and Banjo

Rondalla String Band

  • Gabe Hazelbane
  • Bong Ramillo
  • Cathy Feringer
  • Ben Cubillo
  • Felino Molina
  • Ed Aralar
  • Brenda Cubillo Williams
Gabe Hazelbane first played for an NT Administrator at Government House in Darwin in the 1930's - and now he plays there again more than 60 years later...

Mills Family & Sunshine Club Dance Band

  • Kath Mills
  • Ali Mills
  • Robyn Forscutt
  • Jeff Corfield
  • Tony Suttor
  • Peter Bate
  • John Pattiselanno
  • Martin Goreing