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The Bard of Nightcliff

It was the man from Nightcliff who came to Mary River
To give a presentation to an audience all aquiver
For he'd culled his ancient archives for songs from near and far
And some were not without their charm, but more were quite bizarre

And he's summoned fine musicians to join his merry band
From Alice, Perth and Humpty Doo, and far Van Diemens Land
And he told them all what songs to sing and in which bloody key
There was no room for dissention - there was no democracy

At last the great day came and the audience gathered round
To hear the bard of Nightcliff expansively expound
Song followed song and on and on for hours and what seemed days
And many folk were quite appalled and all were quite amazed

At last the workshop ended and the audience clutched their heads
Some to drown their sorrows and some to find their beds
And some they took to whisky and some they took to beer
All bitterly reflecting she'd be on again next year

This Top End "Tusitala" - the teller of the tale
This northern bloody laureate - the Nightcliff Nightingale
So raise your glasses up on high to this rotund man of leisure
A Territory Icon and a Nightcliff National Living Bloody Treasure

Patrick Somers