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Mixed 4 Tunes

A Cappella Harmonies

Open Day Government House - July 2007

Mixed 4 Tunes is mainly an a cappella group singing close harmonies. I say mainly, because we are known to sing with the accompaniment of Glenn's guitar. Our six members are Glenn Bellis, Glynis Lee, Di Sinclair, Ben Boekema, Jenny Young and Kay Robins. We sing in combinations of two, four, or six performers.

Mixed 4 Tunes came together around 2001, after singing together in a larger harmony choir, Trebles Without Accord. Many of the songs we now sing originated from those we learnt with 'Trebles'. Although we are all members of the Top End Folk Club, we do not sing many songs that could be regarded as strictly folk! As with any group there is an array of songs and styles suggested that we sing. The end result is an eclectic mix, which contributes to the group name as well as the combination of male and female voices.

Kay Robins


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