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Top Half Folk Festival

Advice to performers

For forty years, The Top Half Folk Festival has operated on volunteer support and a shoe-string budget. Performers and staff offer their time and expertise for the fun of participating, and being part of the festival.

The Top End Folk Club organises the Mary River Festival in even years, and The Central Australian Folk Society organises the Glen Helen Festival in odd years.

We are currently looking forward to staging the 40th Top Half Folk Festival at Mary River Park in June 2010. As the 40th is a pretty special birthday of the festival, the emphasis this year is to reconnect with performers who have lived and worked in the top end, and make it a bit of a reunion event.

That said, in general, everyone who attends either festival buys their own ticket, and pays for their own accommodation, food and grog. Organisers, performers, volunteers, everyone supports the fetival in this way.

We are sometimes able to obtain small grants which are used to invite a key act for the festival; they are usually the only performers who are paid, and often they are not paid well...

We are often approached by performers wanting to come to the festival and the reply is usually the same, see above for terms and conditions, but if you can make it there we will try to fit you in somewhere, either on one of the main concerts or a blackboard session. In the past we have also been able to arrange impromptu workshops for visiting performers.

So, if you make it to the gig, we will try to fit you in, no promises...

For info about the 2010 Mary River program please contact Jayne Nankivell