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The 30th Top Half Folk Festival

Queen's Birthday Weekend 2000
Proudly presented by the Top Half Folk Federation

Held at Mary River Park

Features were ~ Concerts - workshops - dance - camping - kids workshops - music sessions - crocodile cruises - bush walks

Guest Artists

Bernard Bolan

Bernard is an Englishman by birth, a solicitor by profession and a wordsmith by choice. Bernard is one of Australia's most highly regarded singer/songwriters and was in fact the first folk artist to perform at the Sydney Opera House. His lyrics reflect his many moods and his compositions reveal his inherent musical talent. His ability to take life as he finds it enables him to mix the serious side of events with the sensuous.

Bernard's love songs are passionate and haunting, while his comedy material has audiences literally gasping for breath with laughter. The words of his songs reveal themselves as gems of poetry and his all-original music has combined to produce many classics of our time.

Cathy Miller

Cathy is known to her Canadian fans as a spectacular singer, songwriter and guitarist. Her evocative interpretations get to the heart of any song she sings.

New to Australia, Cathy has brought fresh eyes to the country and has begun writing about her experiences and observations. The Australian Heritage Commission gave her a special merit award in its 'Songs of Place' competition for her song about the demise of the Darwin Hotel.

To quilters she is known as the singing quilter and is currently working on songs about quilts, quilters and quilting due for recording soon. Cathy's workshop is a must for all who aspire to songwriting.


BloodwoodAll four members of the band are long term residents of the Territory. When Bloodwood formed in 1979, they aimed to stage a production for the Melbourne National Folk Festival which was an instant success, establishing the group's trademark at future festivals.

Bloodwood are a multi talented and enthusiastic band, who use many instruments backed up with strong vocals. Their music is firmly based on the Australian tradition, but includes contemporary styles and songs. Bush dances are a major draw card, with Bloodwood injecting enthusiasm into the night leaving you asking for more, but regretting it in the morning. 'Man Made Music' was Bloodwood's first recording and has been followed by other recordings, including a successful school kit, which was distributed through the Territory.

In their 21st year Bloodwood are still proud, enthusiastic participators in Australian Folk. Bloodwood will be assisting with the presentation of an 'Australian Songs' workshop at the festival and will also be performing in concerts.

Jack Kevans

Seeded in the Irish, Australian tradition, Jack has been involved in collecting and performing Folklore for nearly 50 years. An expert on accordion/concertina, Jack will be teaching and presenting a wonderful selection of little heard tunes and songs from Eastern Australia. Jack's accordion workshop is a must for all accordion and concertina players. Jack will explain and demonstrate basic and advanced techniques and how to apply them to individual instruments. A workshop for all instruments and levels of expertise.

Paul Stewart - Train Songs

Paul is a well known and respected NT folk laureate who feels it is timely to sing about trains as the anticipation for a Top End rail link becomes more of a reality. Paul always provides a wealth of information about the material he presents and is not to be missed.

Keryn Randall, Jim Smith & Suzette Watkins - 'Sheilas'

This workshop is a compilation of poetry, music and song and is a warm intimate look at the effect of Australian Women's song on Australian society with songs from very early years to contemporary, containing both humorous and serious songs.

Jim Smith

Is a regular Top End Festival attendee, and hosted 'The Spoken Word' concert.


Mary River Park

Bark Hut Inn

Children's workshop photo's

Rhythm and Movement

Preparing for the lagerphone workshop

The end result - three new lagophonists, with the two existing lagophonists, Martin Goreing and Dave Evans

Final Concert